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Rugby Season Injuries 

Croydon Rugby teams get ready for big hits

With the England’s Rugby Captain originating from Croydon, Chris Robshaw is all but aware of the types of injuries that can happen on the playing field. Losing five players to injuries in 2014 may seem to some like their chances of success this season are lost. But with proper physiotherapy care and recovery, the outcome of these injuries may not be so extreme. Sanderstead Physio is one of the top physiotherapists in Croydon which provides an effective treatment for muscular damage.

On a weekly basis, high schools across Croydon compete in Rugby matches which all hope to reach the NatWest cup. With the competition so intense between teams, the last thing any of the young chaps want is to be out of action by injury. Due to its location, Surrey’s Sanderstead Physio is located conveniently for its customers. <They> strive to get their patient back on the field as soon as possible.

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Achilles Tendinosis – how to treat this common injury? 

Achilles Tendonisis is an injury where there are little tears of Achilles tendon just above the heel. This type of problem creates weakness, stiffness, swelling and pain from where the joins to the heel with calf muscles. This type of injury often occurs due to the repetitive nature of some sports or activities. Most runners face a high chance of suffering from this injury at some point in ... read more

Sports Injury Sanderstead, Croydon 

We feel your pain
Sanderstead physio is proud to be one of the leading sports injury clinics in Croydon. We have worked with many of the athletes from all different types of sports clubs within the Croydon area whether from the occasional jogger to the professional footballer. Is fully qualified physiotherapists who specialised for over 20 years in sports injury treatments in Croydon we are confident that you... read more

Croydon Physiotherapist treating Rugby injuries in the Summer 

Are the British and Irish Lions feeling a bit of pain

Croydon Rugby palyers can still be injured out of seasonShould there have been a British Lion rugby player from Croydon?

At the end of a bruising rugby season there are still a few players out there putting their bodies on the line in the shape of the British and Irish Lions. Some may still wonder why England captain and former Warlingham Rugby player Chris Robshaw was not in the original Lions Squad, some can be now thinking it is not too late with the amount of injuries they have.

The Lions certainly know the benefit of having good physiotherapists on board with a team of 6 in the medical squad to look after the injured players. With the physical nature of the sport is is now a must for almost every club to have their own physiotherapist.

Rugby Injuries

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