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Whiplash Injuries 


Whiplash is a common injury. Be it a car collision or a sporting event, it affects tens of thousands of people every day through a variety of situations. You would be in the minority if you had not sustained whiplash (neck sprain) before. When it happens, you realize how much you and your life become restricted. From trying to park the car to playing with your children, everything becomes a chore.






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Common cycling injuries and their treatments 

Cycling is the passion and hobby of many people  all over the world and in recent years has become very popular in the UK. Many cyclists will experience a cycling injury once in their life. Many cycling injuries occur from high speed falls. A cycling injury is often an impact injury causing knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, hip pain and back pain.

Most of the common cycling injuries occur from collisions at comparatively high speeds. Due to the nature of cycling being a low impact exercise most of the injuries can be prevented by following some simple steps.


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Repetitive strain injury treatments 

Repetitive strain injury is an injury that is actually not easy to treat. This injury occurs when you feel pain in a particular or multiple areas of your body after doing a task repetitively from several months or years. After diagnosing a specific condition of a patient and to identify some symptoms, you should consult a good physiotherapist as early as possible. It is necessary to keep... read more


Whiplash is a neck injury caused by excessive stress on the cervical spine due to sudden jerking or uncontrolled movement of the neck in a rear-end car collisions. It may also occur in roller coaster ride or sports injuries. The uncontrolled movement of the neck causes damage to the muscles, ligaments and joints in the cervical spine.. This can result in pain, muscle weakness, headaches,... read more
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