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Achilles Tendinosis – how to treat this common injury? 

Achilles Tendonisis is an injury where there are little tears of Achilles tendon just above the heel. This type of problem creates weakness, stiffness, swelling and pain from where the joins to the heel with calf muscles. This type of injury often occurs due to the repetitive nature of some sports or activities. Most runners face a high chance of suffering from this injury at some point in ... read more


Plantar fascitis is a common injury among runners, walkers and hikers. It also affects people who work in standing postures for their living like nurses and lecturers. Patients get foot arch pain and/or heel pain. Morning foot pain is a signature symptom. Plantar fasciitis is basically an inflammation and subsequent thickening and/or degeneration of the plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is a... read more
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