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Treating Chronic Bad Back Pain by Physiotherapy Croydon

Bad back Croydon

Bad Back pain treated by Croydon PhysiotherapistsAccording to men’s health magazine is an 80% chance that some point in your life you will suffer from chronic back pain. There are many different causes for back pain majority of which can be treated by physiotherapists at Sanderstead physiotherapy.

One of the major back pain causes is through lifestyle and looking at the statistics Croydon in the past five years there has seen an 80% increase in people taking up professional roles. This in turn can lead to prolonged periods sitting down which can cause chronic back pain.

Bad back Statistics

Also looking at the statistics provided by you can see that over 58% of the population of Croydon have administrative/professional type occupations that leads to being deskbound for prolonged periods.

Being Croydon physiotherapists we are able to provide treatments resolve chronic back pain at a location near to your business. We can also advise on preventative measures to stop the back pain becoming an issue in the first place.

Back Pain and Work

Looking at you can see that around 7.6 million days work lost each year due to chronic back pain. This is why we recommend get it treated as early as possible as this has a good chance to lower the long-term cost of physiotherapists treating back pain which according to is as much as £100 million a year.

So if you suffer from back pain please get in contact so we can help you sooner rather than later.

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