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Cricket injuries and how to prevent them!

cricket injuryCricket is one of the world’s most popular sports, after Football. What can beat a lazy sunny Summers Saturday watching or playing Cricket? Here in Croydon, there are plenty of opportunities to watch as well as to play cricket especially with many Surrey Cricket matches often played at Whitgift School.

But, of course it is not likely you will encounter injuries whilst watching but playing is a different kettle of fish. This sport can cause several types of injuries including cuts, bruising, fractures, sprains, and strains etc. When batting you have a  high chance of sustaining impact injuries to the face, hand or finger. Shoulder and back injuries are most commonly found with  bowlers. You can prevent injuries during a cricket game in several ways. You must know yourself and sport, keep the surroundings and environment safe, wear all of the precautionary gear and always be prepared. Sometimes, severe injuries can be caused due to lack of concentration during the game.

We recommend quick treatment of any sport injury including cricket and if you give us a call we can get you back on the field of play as soon as possible.

Our physiotherapists are ready all the time to assist. We provide all of the treatments related to almost every type of injury. In the  case of any sports injury, our sports injury Croydon use their many years of experience to provide expert care. A detailed treatment by the physiotherapy Croydon staff gives you quick and early relief from your injuries. These treatments and services are possible due to our experienced Physiotherapists who specialize and are qualified in sports physio.

Once you visit our clinic, you will find it well-organized and with a  friendly and calm atmosphere.

Many of the cricket players we have treated have complained about backache due to their posture while batting. We offer treatments for all types of backaches from minor to severe. Our bad back Croydon treatments prevent you from prolonged backache. Everyone finds it tough to bear backache as it can be quite debilitating for players of different sports and can further impact on your family and professional life.

Being in the same posture for several hours a day definitely creates a severe back pain. By keeping this problem in mind, we also provide sports massage services in Croydon. These massages can work quickly and enable you to feel  relaxed and quickly recover from injury. Our experienced therapists also give you beneficial preventive measures for the future.

You should not delay in getting treatment for chronic back pain because procrastination can result in more time in recovery. If you are suffering from an injury and searching for expert physiotherapy treatment at competitive prices then we are here for you.  Don’t make your injury more severe, just come to us and we will leave you feeling fighting fit!

25 April 2014 16:42:00


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