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Daniel Sturridge - Football injury update

He will be back on the pitch sooner than we think!

After sustaining a small injury while training with the England football team, Daniel Sturridge who was said to be off the field for 3 weeks; could return sooner. Sturridge damaged his thigh while training and later posted on Instagram ‘be back soon’. Luckily for him and his fans, the injury was not as bad as people had predicted.

It is inevitable that at some point a footballer will suffer some form a musculoskeletal injury. When this time comes, these sportsmen need to receive the best physiotherapy care to ensure that they are away from the pitch for the shortest time. Sturridge’s injury led him to miss some important matches.

At Sanderstead Physio, their team of professionals are able assist in the recovery of similar football injuries which may occur during a big match for a club or a quick Sunday kick about with friends. One of the most common upper leg and thigh injuries footballers experience is a muscle or tendon strain. A strain is an injury to the muscle where the muscle fibres tear as a result of overstretching. This is why it is extremely common in sports such as football.

Symptoms of muscle strain

* Sudden onset of pain

* Limited range of movement

* Swelling

* Soreness

* Bruising

* Muscle spasms

* Stiffness

* Weakness

With Daniel Sturridge still unable to play football fully, he has been seen slowly kicking a ball to stay fit alongside intense therapy to improve his muscular injury. It is believed that Sturridge’s injury could have being avoided if he had been allowed a prolonged rest period, considering the fact his injury occurred less than forty eight hours after he played a game against Norway at Wembley. 

Sky News quoted a statement from Sturridge saying ‘"Heartbroken soul right now. Nothing worse than being injured. Hopefully be back soon fighting fit for LFC." – Twitter. Sturridge has been playing football since 1996 and is the only player to ever score in the FA Youth Club finals, FA cup and Premier League in the same season.

His exceptional sporting talent is a well known and the reality of being side lined during such an important year of his career must be devastating. Many football fans will be waiting eagerly for his return as he should hopefully be playing sooner than we thought.


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