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Physiotherapist Croydon

Are you looking for registered physiotherapist in Croydon? If so then look no further for at Sanderstead physiotherapy we have two highly trained registered physiotherapists will be able to treat your sporting or chronic injury. Christopher mallows has held a physiotherapy degree for over 20 years as well as having a diploma was medicine in orthopaedic medicine and in injection therapy is one of the highest qualified physiotherapists in Croydon and has a wide experience in dealing with a variety of injuries chronic back pain, sports injuries and recovery from accidents.

Lisa Marshall Croydon PhysiotherapistThe physiotherapist practice is proud to ensure that all treatments are performed by highly qualified physiotherapists who are registered and continually look at ways of learning to provide better physiotherapy treatments.

Fellow physiotherapist at the Croydon-based practised is Lisa Marshall MCSP, who as well as being a member of the chartered Society of physiotherapists is also a member of the health professional Council and the acupuncture Association chartered physiotherapists. This has worked both in NHS and private hospitals is ensured that a professional qualifications are supplemented by completing various courses such as acupuncture, myofascial release, Pilates and orthopaedic medicine.

Their aim to be the top physiotherapists Croydon has got should leave you reassured that your treatment is in their best hands. If you have anything that you feel they benefit from physiotherapy treatments than they can be found in Glossop Road, Sanderstead in South Croydon.

Get in touch through using the contact form is on the site by calling direct on (020) 8657 5700


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