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Christopher Mallows Croydon PhysiotherapistThankfully for most of us we do not often needs to call upon the services of a physiotherapist. However when it is needed how do you ensure that you get the right one for you. There are many physiotherapy clinics in Croydon and we trust that they can all provide good treatments in sports injury, back pain and other chronic injuries. Sometimes we need our minds put at rest to ensure that we are getting the best physiotherapy treatment.

First and foremost if you are looking for a physiotherapist in Croydon is to ensure that they are qualified. The head physiotherapist at physiotherapy Croydon is Christopher Mallows, who graduated with Bsc in physiotherapy at Brighton University over 20 years ago in 1993.

To ensure that his skills were kept up-to-date and relevant as well as increasing his knowledge he took further postgraduate diploma in sports medicine in 1998, as well as achieving a diploma in orthopaedic medicine and a further diploma in injection therapy.

You can check with their registration at the health & care professional’s council.

Sanderstead physiotherapy, which is based in South Croydon, ensures that all their physiotherapists are highly qualified and are members of the Chartered Society of physiotherapists (MSCP).

Aside from getting qualified Christopher has lived and practiced physiotherapy in Croydon for a considerable length of time. He has good connections with many of the sports clubs in the borough and is often the first port of call when needing treatment for a sports injury. He has been a keen sportsman himself and knows the benefits that physio can provide in recuperation. Local knowledge of the Croydon area sports clubs can also assist in treatment by understanding their facilities.

Contact us direct through the website by visiting us at or calling (020) 8657 5700.

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