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Spondylosis - lower back pain treatment by Croydon Physio

back xraySpondylosis is a term that is given to a degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints in the centre of the spinal vertebra. This can be quite a severe condition which can put pressure on to some of the many nerve roots causing extreme propane and can also cause weakness in various muscles in limbs.

A lot of the causes of this due to age-related issues however it can affect people of all different ages. What happens is a narrowing of the space between two adjacent vertebra occurs compression on the nerve root from the spinal cord resulting in severe pain in the neck, shoulder, back , arm or leg. It can cause other symptoms although less common such as a loss of balance or a changing gait (walking style) as well as other embarrassing side-effects such as loss of bowel and bladder control.

As ever we will not provide diagnostic or advice of treatments online as all cases will be the specific to the patient. However, common treatments that we will provide include physical therapy and manipulative therapy as well as providing advice on practical lifestyle modifications that will help ease the back pain.

We work in connection with many doctors within the Croydon area and we can work with your doctor to make sure that the treatment is specific for yourself and your ailment. If surgery is required we can also assist with aiding a speedy recovery by providing the appropriate treatments for the back and advice on how to cope with the rigours of life put onto your back.

If you have any concerns about your back and think that these symptoms mentioned may be applicable to you, then don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our Croydon physiotherapists, will be able to give you some advice and if needed were queueing to have an assessment and treatment.

We are based in Sanderstead, South Croydon and have local parking and various public transport access. So do get in contact either through our Sanderstead physiotherapy website contact page or by calling one of our physiotherapists direct on (020) 8657 5700. We look forward to helping you and your back pain at the earliest opportunity.



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