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Getting sports injury Treatment in Croydon

Sports injury Croydon

Sanderstead Physiotherapy in CroydonSports participation in Croydon is reaching an all-time high, building on the success of the Olympics only 10 miles away the various local sports superstars all is looking good for this London Borough. However with increased participation, unfortunately the increased incidence of sports injuries occur.

Croydon’s proud boast some great sports clubs with a high quality of rugby, one of the best athletics clubs in the country, many running clubs and of course the increase in cycling in all enjoy the benefits. Sponsored physiotherapy has the knowledge and experience and expertise that allows them to treat a wide range of sports injuries in Croydon. Head physiotherapist Chris mallows, supplemented his physiotherapy degree with a diploma in academic practical physio in sports medicine. He too has taken his fair share of sports injuries on the rugby field playing for some time John Fisher boys Rugby club.

Croydon Sports Clubs

Most of the sports injuries can be treated quickly and effectively at their practice in Sanderstead, South Croydon. So if the success of Andy Murray has led to your rejuvenation of sport but led to the classic tennis elbow injury or if the inspiration of Chris room on his bike in France has led you to take out your old bike push yourself just a bit too far then if you need treatment give the team a call now be more than willing to get you back into the saddle and participating in your sport.

The first thing that your physiotherapist will do in appointment is to do a thorough assessment of what your sports injuries, caused it, how debilitating it is and any other factors affecting the treatment that they can find. Following the assessment they can really get to work on the sports injury, whether this is alleged therapy massage they will ensure the most appropriate treatments are taken for you.

Play sport in Croydon

If you’re looking to take up the sport in Croydon here’s a link to a list of many of the clubs that you may want to have a look at joining alternatively you can use the following link for a google search for croydon spots clubs

Enjoy your sports safely.

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