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Welcome to Physiotherapy Croydon

Welcome to Sanderstead Physiotherapy also known as Physiotherapy Croydon

What to expect when visiting Physiotherapy Croydon for your first visit.

Once you have made your first appointment, we will send you confirmation of your appointment time, along with directions from our clinic.

For a full route you can enter your post code on the front page of the Physiotherapy Croydon website.


You will be greeted by one of our physiotherapists, who will give you a registration form to fill in.

This will just ask for some simple contact details.

If you are happy for us to share information with your GP we will also take their details.

Finally there is a part of the form that asks you to sign for your consent to proceed with the assessment.

The assessment will take place in a completely private treatment room. We will initially ask you some questions, such as your occupation or hobbies to give us an idea as to what activity you may want to get back to, and may supply some clues as to the cause of your problem.

We will then ask for specific details about your problem, such as how you injured yourself or when the pain started.

We are keen to know the severity of the pain, and what activity or movement makes the pain worse, and what things make it better.

It is a good idea to think about some of these things beforehand, and maybe write them down before attending, as it will help the physio considerably.

Medical history

The physiotherapist will then ask about your previous medical history and any medication you are taking.

The previous history may help to flag up possible causes and also warn the physiotherapist if there are certain treatments that are contra-indicated.

After the questioning the physio will move on to the objective examination.

The physiotherapist will need to see the affected area, so we ask for clients to wear suitable clothing.

For men this usually just means bring some shorts.

For ladies we ask for shorts, if you have any, and a strappy type vest top if the problem is in the neck, shoulder or upper back region, we will provide these if necessary.

Physiotherapy treatment

The physio will assess your standing posture and gait if necessary, and then assess the range of movement you have in various areas.

This will be done actively, by yourself, and passively where the physio will move your joints.

During this stage it is normally necessary for the physio to touch the client. The physio will explain what they are going to do.

The physio will then perform specific tests on strength, stability and assessing movement in certain joints.

Once the physio has completed the assessment, they will have a clinical impression of what the problem and cause is, and will explain this to you.

They will then outline a treatment plan, and discuss long and short term goals and commence treatment.


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