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What is plantar fasciitis and how to treat it?

foot injuryPlantar fasciitis a type of pain that appears in the heel area of your feet. Often found in overweight people, it  can be quite a debilitating injury. When the pressure increases on your heel then the pain also starts to increase. This type of pain can also affect pregnant women especially in their last months of pregnancy.

It is more common in women than men. There are several treatments available for it. These include  medical treatments, home treatments, braces and supports etc. We recommend that you come and see the physiotherapists at Sanderstead Physio who,  will be able to do as much as possible to reduce the pain and  get you back on your feet again!

Physiotherapy Croydon provide you with  the best and most suitable treatments for plantar fasciitis. Our treatments give you relief from this painful condition and aim to reduce the cause of the injury.  The treatments always begin after knowing the previous medical history and the present complaint of the patient. It becomes easier for the physiotherapists Croydon to diagnose an actual stage of injury or pain by getting a medical history of the patient.

We provide treatments for back pain, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis and many other injuries. Our clinic have dedicated and experienced physiotherapists who provide the best services for a bad back in Croydon. In your life, you will most likely face a back pain problem at some point and  therefore, it is necessary to consult a physiotherapist before any severe condition develops.

People face different types of injuries whilst participating in  sports and we can offer several treatments for these sports injuries.  Our therapists  diagnose the problem through observation, tests and physical movements. Treatments for Sports injury Croydon can give  you relief from shin splints, joint sprains, muscle strains etc. If the sport injury becomes more severe we recommend you get a quick appointment with a doctor or therapist right after the injury.

You can get quick relief from any injury with our sports massage Croydon services. We are very proud of the expertise and the skill of our physiotherapist. . Our treatments and service details along with our contact details can be accessed through our site. All of our staff are  highly trained with well-qualified therapists.  So, if you are struggling visit Physiotherapy Croydon  today!

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