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Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a common injury. Be it a car collision or a sporting event, it affects tens of thousands of people every day through a variety of situations. You would be in the minority if you had not sustained whiplash (neck sprain) before. When it happens, you realise how much you and your life become restricted. From trying to park the car to playing with your children, everything becomes a chore.

Whiplash occurs after a sudden impact, such as a road traffic accident or during contact sports like boxing and rugby. The rapid movement of the head or neck damages ligaments and tendons in this region, leaving you with severe neck pain and stiffness. The symptoms are not always immediate, taking up to six to twelve hours to develop.

In most cases, whiplash can be treated with paracetamol and some extra help around the house. But in the case of ‘chronic whiplash’ or ‘late whiplash syndrome’, physiotherapy be the best solution. Croydon Physio is a leading physiotherapy clinic, whose years of experience provide the necessary treatment for your musculoskeletal damage.

Symptoms of whiplash:


* Neck pain and stiffness

* Headache

* Shoulder pain

* Fatigue

* Jaw pain

* Arm pain and weakness

* Back pain


Whiplash in most cases repairs itself within two to seven days, but for some the symptoms can be more chronic.

How would Croydon physiotherapy treat you?

If you find the effects of your trauma don’t ease after a few days, then the option of physiotherapy may be the next step to your recovery.

Sanderstead physiotherapy clinic use a variety of therapeutic exercises, massages and manipulations to restore movement to your neck. Our team aim to restore the freedom you wish for through our effective treatment programme. We understand the restrictions that your injury is putting on your life and we are here to help.



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